Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why is Immaterial

This week, there was much discussion about this ad in the NY Times from All the media and talk shows were debating it, congress was putting up resolutions addressing it, and the Democrats were carefully side stepping around it.

I have to ask, why? has very little wewb traffic and influence. They've obviously over exaggerated their web traffic (they say they have 3.5M members, which I don't believe for a minute, given their very meager traffic), so I'll assume they've also exaggerated the amount of money they've raised, etc. They're way out there on the fringe.

Someone needs to explain to the Democrats how Alexa works, so they can judge which groups they should be pandering to, and which ignoring.



Kirrus said...

Alexa is *not* a reliable traffic measurement tool, as any web-designer/developer will tell you.

You *cannot* use it to judge traffic, as its method of gathering data is critically flawed.

Kevin Carmony said...

But any "critical flaws" would be equally shared among all websites. So, it may not accurately measure units of traffic, but it WILL show traffic relative to other sites, and by that measure, is a no show.