Monday, December 3, 2007

San Diego Union-Tribune: "Meet The Huckster"

"Meet The Huckster"
San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial
December 3, 2007

"Unfortunately for Huckabee, the positive first impression he often makes fades when you learn more about him. He may have been a solid steward in his 14 years as lieutenant governor and governor in Arkansas. But he also showed an enthusiasm for parlaying his public office into a cushy lifestyle that makes Fabian Nuñez, California's similarly inclined Assembly speaker, look like a Boy Scout.

"Over the years, Huckabee has:

"Used campaign funds to pay himself $14,000 for being his own media consultant.

"Used campaign funds to pay himself $43,000 for use of his private plane while attempting to hide what the payment was actually in return for.

"Used an account set up to cover operational costs of the governor's mansion to pay such obviously personal expenses as fast-food and dry-cleaning bills.

"Set up a nonprofit organization that paid him $23,500 without disclosing the source of the money.

"Attempted to take $70,000 of furniture with him when moving out of the governor's mansion.

"Took more than 130 gifts worth more than $300,000 – while suing to overturn a law that made him disclose the gifts.

"We could go on in this vein, but space is limited. The bottom line: Mike Huckabee has an awful lot of explaining to do."

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