Friday, July 4, 2008

My Video Interview with Chris Pirillo about Linspire's Last Days

I've known Chris Pirillo for several years, and he's one of only a handful of people I follow on Twitter because he's ALWAYS got his pulse on the latest, coolest stuff. In following my blog, he was surprised to learn about some of the "weird stuff" that was going on with Linspire, so he invited me to his live chat room for an Interview. I tried to be as candid as possible with my perspective as to how Linspire came to an end.

Chris posted the interview in two parts...

PART 1 - Part one ended abruptly when there was a technical glitch that blew our connection up momentarily.

PART 2 - Q & A - Part two was a very informal Q & A with some of the people in his chat room. You can tell I was more informal and relaxed during this part, as I end up rocking in my comfy office chair for most of this section. =)



LinuxGamer said...

Thanks Kevin,
Personally, I feel you have been more upfront about this then anyone with Linspire currently. I am very disappointed with how Linspire has been going for the last year. I find it even more annoying how many people around the Linspire forums feel it is their personal job to slam you repeatedly. After having met everyone out there, I was most impressed with the people who now seem to be getting the most crap from MR and the people still around MR.
It is sad to see it happen. I wish you luck in datingdna and any other projects you have going. Take care!

Kevin Carmony said...

Thanks Travis. I'm still very good friends with pretty much everyone who worked at Linspire, with a few exceptions, and yes, those tend to be a few of the folks who stuck with Michael, standing by watching as he started spreading nonsense about some really good people.

We'll all have a lot of really great memories of Linspire. It's just a shame they will be tainted with some really bad ones from this past year.

Good things lie ahead. They always do!


Pete said...

though I agree in general with your position, I have some doubts regarding your role within Linspire (and even former times). Did it took 10 years to see MR's real face or are you upset because this is the first time that you are on the wrong side of the table?

Anonymous said...


Kevin Carmony said...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

This is how bullies keep getting away with taking advantage of others. I'm sure Michael would like nothing more than the minority shareholders just "trust him" and, as you suggest, "move on."

We'll move on after the books have been audited and questions answered. This is why responsible Chairmen hold shareholder meetings.


Kevin Carmony said...


You have a valid point. During those ten years I certainly witnessed first hand how Michale behaved in business and how he treated people. At both and Linspire I watched him put several employees in tears with his irrational tantrums and rants.

However, because I was always in high level positions at Linspire (President, COO, CEO, Board of Directors, etc.), I was hopeful that I could shield partners and employees from Michael's dark side. Unfortunately, the mistake I made was trusting that he'd never abuse his role as majority shareholder.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Lesson learned.