Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Have An Idea - TWO Competing Tax/Benefit Systems

Here's my idea...

We have TWO tax codes and TWO government benefit "packages." One would be set by the Democrats and on by the Republicans. Democrats can collect all the taxes they want from fellow Democrats, and Republicans from Republicans. Each party then has their own set of "perks."

For example, if you want "free," government-run health care, you can pay taxes to the Democrats and get that perk from them. If you would rather pay less in taxes and be responsible for your own health care insurance, then you could choose Republican. You get the idea.

Competition would then keep both parties on their toes. Everyone could decide which party gives you the most bang for your buck. High taxes and big perks? Or lower taxes and lower perks?

Of course, some functions would need to be agreed on and provided together from both parties (highways, national defense, etc.), but we'd have competition for all those fun little perks that politicians like to promise us (free health care, college education, welfare, etc.).

Of course, this plan would never work, at least not for the Democrats. Why? Because they need all those Republican entrepreneurs and business people to pay big taxes to pay for all their programs.

Obama's program is a simple three step plan:

1. Tax 5% of the population.
2. Give lots of perks to the other 95%.
3. Take all the credit, pat yourself on the back, and think YOU actually produced and accomplished something of worth.

No thanks.



Anonymous said...

Interested to know what you mean by "perks" to 95% of the population. Some would define those "perks" as necessities to help level the playing field between the privileged few (you) and the struggling many (most of us).

Also, how do you feel about McCain now that his VP selection is a former Miss Alaska and current first term Governor?

Kevin Carmony said...

I thought the playing field was level? There is plenty of opportunity in this country for those who work hard and live a disciplined life.


Anonymous said...

Just to keep things straight, Gov. Palin was the second place winner of the 1984 Miss Alask contest.