Monday, October 20, 2008

John Stossel's "Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics"

John Stossel, one of the few level headed individuals in the media and a fellow Libertarian, has made yet another excellent 20/20 Special. John looks at the fallacies of big government.

I would HIGHLY encourage everyone to watch this entire program BEFORE voting. I'm glad at least someone from the mainstream media is debunking the concept that we should turn to government to solve all our problems.

For your viewing convenience, I've put the entire program below. (Note: If you'd prefer to watch this in a higher resolution directly from the ABC News website, go here.)

PART 1 - False promises from politicians. Spontaneous Order. Central planning and government vs self organization and business.

PART 2 - Housing crises. Regulation vs deregulation. Bailout. Necessity of business failures.

PART 3 - Rebuilding New Orleans. Government vs volunteers and the private sector. Government bureaucracy.

PART 4 - Campaign finance reform. Law of unintended consequences. Using regulation to prevent competition.

PART 5 - Farm subsidies. Job obsolescence. New Zealand eliminates farm subsidies.

PART 6 - People run America, not Government. People bring change, not politicians. Personal responsibility.

BONUS SECTION FROM PREVIOUS WEEK - Should some people not vote?



Talechia Principato said...

Thanks so much for the "Stossel" intro! I've already emailed this to many friends and colleagues.

[Two Thumbs UP]


Anonymous said...


As always, coming to your blog is not only fun, but informative. As the several videos pointed out, there are so many areas where the system itself is broken.

My grandfather used to say, 'Government is necessary for two things. The first is defense. The second is protecting the rights of it's citizens. Whenever Government attempts to fix a problem, they almost always leave it worse than when they arrived."

He served during WWI and survived the economic turmoil of the Great Depression while working to feed & keep a roof over his family of seven.

I didn't really get what he was talking about until I was old enough to vote. A lot of what he and many who lived through those rough times make sense now, even though it didn't back then.

I hope a great many people watch all of the videos & get something out of them.

Thanks again for posting them.