Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UPDATE #1: Did Michael Robertson and the Duane Morris Law Firm Commit Insurance Fraud against Chubb?

Did Michael Robertson and Ed Cramp with Duane Morris defraud
Chubb Insurance
out of $100,000? Read the documents, and YOU be the judge.

NOTE: As with any personal blog, the opinions expressed here are my own. Each reader should come to their own conclusion, based on the factual documents linked to from this and previous blog posts.

In my previous blog post, I disclosed documents which called to light the possibility of insurance fraud having been committed by Michael Robertson and Ed Cramp, who represents Robertson via the law firm Duane Morris. I felt there was enough evidence to suggest the possibility of insurance fraud, that the matter should be investigated. I therefore turned over evidence to The San Diego Police Department, The Department of Insurance for the State of California, and to Chubb Insurance.

At the heart of the matter, as I reported in my previous blog, Linspire alleged to Chubb that they were a victim of "theft." In their claim to Chubb, Linspire discussed at great lengths a "police report" they had filed with the San Diego Police department, YET FAILED TO DISCLOSE THE OUTCOME of the police department's investigation. According to the San Diego Police department, Linspire had known for months the outcome, namely, that the San Diego Police Department found NO evidence of ANY theft or criminal wrong doing, and yet Ed Cramp and Linspire failed to disclose this in their claim to Chubb.

I mentioned in my blog that I'd keep you updated on the developments of this matter. This is my first update in a series of updates I will be sharing with you, anytime new information comes to light.

Since my blog, I have had numerous calls and correspondence with several people from the San Diego Police Department, The Department of Insurance for the State of California, and Chubb Insurance.

I received a letter from California's Department of Insurance:
"In reviewing this particular case, there are certain allegations that may warrant a regulatory investigation by this department. We have initiated an investigation into this matter..." ~ Department of Insurance, State of California
I have also spoken with several employees at Chubb, and the case has ended up with one of Chubb's investigators who has has been given the assignment to handle the matter. I have had some very informative phone conversations with this investigator. He said he has read all the information about the case which I had submitted, and mentioned that the letter from Comerica was "particularly interesting." (Comerica said they felt that Linspire could possibly be trying to defraud them.) He said in his opinion there was enough to the case to warrant an investigation, which he is now involved in. I have offered my full assistance in his investigation, as have other former Linspire executives. I also said I'd be willing to provide all the other evidence I have in the matter (emails, depositions, bank statements, checks going to personal accounts, etc.)

During our calls, I updated Chubb on the civil case, disclosing to them the full outcome of that civil matter. I warned Chubb that Michael Robertson and Ed Cramp would likely try to use the outcome from the civil case to justify their CRIMINAL claims of THEFT to Chubb. This didn't seem to matter to the Chubb investigator. Because Linspire's claim was for criminal theft, any civil case would likely have little impact on the case. Even if in a civil trial someone was found liable in some way, that wouldn't justify filing a false and deceptive insurance claim saying you were the victim of criminal theft. In fact, should Robertson use the civil case to justify their claim of theft, I believe that would simply open Chubb up to recover any proceeds to recoup the claim. However, Chubb says they always prosecute insurance fraud vigorously, so I'd assume they would be more interested in a criminal prosecution as well as recovering their money.
I'll continue to keep you posted as this case evolves via Now that I know the appropriate departments are investigating, and have good contact information for all involved, I will keep the pressure on to see this matter continues to be investigated fully and report the findings along the way, regardless of the outcome.


PS: The civil case where Robertson attacked innocent former Linspire employees is pretty much concluded. Look for my blog summing up the conclusion of that matter next week, "Michael Robertson's Million Dollar Ego," where I disclose exactly how much money Robertson wasted on his attempts to persecute former employees.


devenpatel said...


This is a very good update. Thanks for sharing with us. Please continue to keep up the good work!


John said...


You should add one more group to inform about this matter. You should file a complaint with the California bar association. You can find information and links to the form you'll need here:

I've reviewed the documents you have included in your blogs and it does sound like insurance fraud to me, or at a minimum, a violation of ethical conduct by Ed Cramp and Duane Morris.

Thanks for the updates.