Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Online Dating Comes to Apple's iPhone

For those of you following my new venture, the free web service Dating DNA (www.datingdna.com), not only is it my desire to allow everyone to use their Dating DNA Number across the Internet's entire social graph (MySpace, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.), but I also want to make the Dating DNA service available on a wide array of Internet devices, such as the iPhone.

Today, Dating DNA announced the first-ever, full-featured online dating system for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. Just like online dating is shifting away from traditional dating sites such as Match.com and eHarmony to social networks like Facebook and MySpace, so too are many people moving to their cell phones for interacting socially on the Internet.

Anyone can now get their free Dating DNA Number from their PC, at www.datingdna.com, and then login to Dating DNA's special iPhone Web App URL (www.datingdna.com/iphone) from their iPhone or iPod Touch to browse photos and get compatibility scores with thousands of other Dating DNA users. (You can also read more about the Dating DNA iPhone Web App on Apple's website here.)

Now, when you're away from your PC, you can browse photos of individuals you are compatible with, and with one "tap," add them to your "DNA Strand." Users can, however, only browse photos of others with whom their compatibility score matches that user's "Compatibility Threshold." Unlike traditional dating sites where literally anyone can view a user's profile and photos, and then contact them, Dating DNA keeps all information and photos private, except to those who meet or exceed a "Compatibility Threshold," set by each user. This means photos and profiles are only seen by those a user is compatible with, based on the rules and criteria they set.

Search for "dating" on Apple's website.

Dating DNA continues to make great progress in our goal of becoming the Internet's central nervous system for online dating.

Give Dating DNA a go on your iPhone, and let me know what you think.



Kevin Carmony said...

As I mentioned, Part II of my last blog is in the works and will be published in the near future. It's a big project, with lots of exhibits, etc., so it's not something I can do overnight or take lightly. I also want to make sure it is completely accurate, with as much substantiated evidence as possible.

There are also some new developments, which I want to be sure and include.


Sara said...

iphone is really coooll but waiting for its price to be lower down,its nice product of apple as all previous ones.