Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pinheads and Patriots

Patriot: Ubuntu

See the brilliance of Ubuntu's amazing upgrading process with the screenshots I took of how easy it was for me to upgrade my Linux PC to their latest version 8.04 LTS in literally 3 clicks!

Click #1: I clicked on the update notification alert in my tool bar, bringing me to...

Click #2: I clicked the Upgrade button...

Click #3: I clicked the Start Upgrade button...

I wait a few hours (I can even keep working on my Ubuntu machine during this time), and wa-la, a beautiful new Ubuntu!


Pinheads: Linspire Management

While Ubuntu is perfecting the art of 3-click upgrading of their entire OS, halt the presses for Linspire's latest press release! You sitting down? Hold on to your hats! Here it is... Delivers Linux Users One-Click WeatherBug Software

Apparently this is what is going to make my Linspire stock worth something one day? Ughhh....


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Matt Hartley said...

I would suggest trying the application out, you might find it blows the doors off of anything else out there to date for this platform.

All it takes is your Multiverse repository being enabled and it can be installed as a Deb package with great ease without CNR if you prefer.

I would welcome any constructive feedback you might have about the application and would also be happy to answer any questions you might have as well. Just leave any questions in this thread.

Kevin Carmony said...

I'm sure it's a fine program, but the fact that it can now be installed via CNR is hardly exciting news. As you pointed out, it was easily installed already. Are we to expect a press release from Linspire with every package they add to CNR? Oh, goody, I can hardly wait! ;-)

My point is I'm awaiting for some news from Linspire that will move the needle on their success (and my stock).


Matt Hartley said...

I can certainly understand your point. Basically, it was decided that Linspire presented a good launching point for Weatherbug Linux. :)

So I hear you are really digging the Ubuntu move along with the Mac? That is awesome. I am currently rocking one of those Ubuntu notebooks with 64 bit Ubuntu installed. Still bothered with the inclusion the Firefox beta but overall, it's been a fun release.

Definitely keep posting, I will be subscribing for sure. Take it easy Kevin.


Kevin Carmony said...

Unfortunately, Matt, I'm not sure Linspire is much of a launching off point for anything anymore. =(

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Matt Hartley said...

There is no question that WeatherBug will be looking at expanding with more Linux distributions and other areas open to the desktop Linux user for future growth. And Ubuntu has achieved tremendous success, especially in my own household. :)

My wife on the other hand, will never leave her Mac for anything else. Oh well, it's all 'Nix in the end.

Chaks said...

Linspire is very hard in pushing CNR to the masses and they have to do these kinda press releases to attract the 'average-joe' Linux user.

I read once in the *spire forums where the *spire users were criticizing Microsoft for delivering Service Pack late. I was ROFL because they themselves dont know how long *spire takes to release a product, lol, lol !!!