Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Michael Robertson Finally Has a Good Idea, Mine.

Robertson FINALLY has a good idea, which he talked about in his most recent Michael's Minute called Oh, wait, that's right, this wasn't Robertson's idea, it was MY idea from years ago when I pitched it to him at, called My Way Radio. I've posted below one of the mocks I made when I made my pitch to Robertson. In fact, you can find the Power Point overview I put together for My Way Radio back then here. You won't see anything on that wasn't discussed in my overview. Glad to see the light finally came on for him.

Robertson likes to bill himself as a forward-thinking visionary. It would appear he's more a backward-thinking idea taker. Robertson, just remember as you're building out your new venture, you're helping prove MY idea was a good one. Thanks Michael! I wish you much success with my idea, it IS a good one! =)

The mock I made for from nearly ten years ago.



Spinfusor said...

What did he say when you pitched the idea to him at

Kevin Carmony said...

The light bulb didn't go off for him, and I spent a great deal of time trying to evangelize the idea inside (hence my mocks, Power Point presentation, etc.), but they never agreed to do it.

My experience is Robertson has a serious case of "not invented here syndrome." He tends to get most excited about his ideas (or those he takes from others, AFTER waiting long enough that he can take claim to the good idea as HIS. =)

He likes re-writing history (and his wikipedia page =) to make himself look good. Fortunately, sites like will forever tell the REAL story about Robertson.