Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who's on First? Mitt Romney

With the first four states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Michigan) now having had their Republican primary and caucus elections, if you haven't been keeping score, here is a quick run down to catch you up...

Which candidate has won the most states? Mitt Romney

Romney has won two (Michigan and Wyoming), Huckabee one (Iowa), and McCain one (New Hampshire).

Which candidate has won the biggest state? Mitt Romney

Michigan cast around 850,000 votes. Iowa and New Hampshire COMBINED only cast less than half that amount, around 350,000.

Which candidate has gotten the most votes for all the states combined? Mitt Romney

37% - Romney - 450,740
30% - McCain - 367,126
17% - Huckabee - 210,402
7% - Paul - 85,807
4% - Thompson - 51,536
4% - Giuliani - 49,772

Which candidate has won the most delegates? Mitt Romney

Which candidate has won more delegates than ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES COMBINED? Mitt Romney

Romney has 52, the other candidates have 47 combined.

Which candidate
has raised the most money? Mitt Romney

Rommey - $62,829,069
Giuliani - $47,253,521
McCain - $32,124,785
Thompson - $12,828,111
Paul - $8,268,453
Huckabee - $2,345,798

Which candidate has the most money to continue on to future states? Mitt Romney

In addition to the impressive amount raised, Romney also has a sizable personal wealth he can call upon to get his message out in upcoming states. Many of the other candidates are low on funds.



Kevin said...

Strong win in Michigan. True and proven leadership. A problem solver. There might be a few hiccups along the way as some States who favor one candidate or another for some reason ignore reality, but I can't fathom the Republican party selecting anyone but Mitt.

Onward, ever onward! KLR

Jeff Fuller said...

I like the fact that Romney has more delegates now than McCain, Huckabee, and Giuliani COMBINED!

braddahmike said...

I really like McCain's straight-talk and honesty....not.


Jensen said...

I read that Romney is getting a lot of support form evangelical voters. I found that curious. I would have thought staunch christians would be against a mormon candidate, but the numbers show differently.

Just thought it was interesting.

Savea said...

What did they say about each other?

Huckabee on Romney:
'Mormons teach that Satan and Jesus are brothers?'
'Mitt is rich, I'm poor'
'money isn't everything'
'will never be negative'

McCain on Romney:
'won't be negative'

Romney on McCain and Huckabee:
'why attack me personally'
'adds of contrast'

My conclusion: Huckabee and McCain are the worst liars, flip-floppers and hypoctites. So much for this kind of Christian and the old man with a hot temper and foul mouth.

Kevin Carmony said...

Be sure and see my update on all of this in:

tonight's blog


Rex said...

This will bring patriotic tears to your eye - a grade school/high school musical production of "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic"


Kevin Carmony said...

Very touching.

That's actually an arrangement that was from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir many years ago, and a classic for them as well.