Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Final Four

One of these four people will be your next President.

John Edwards and Rudy Guiliani have both pulled out of the race. Huckabee and Ron Paul are so far behind in votes and delegates, and so low in national polls, they're out for any voter who wants their vote to have a chance of changing the outcome. Bloomberg may enter, but as history has shown us, will be a very long shot. So, this means we now know that one of the above four people will be our next president.

If you're a registered Democrat, you will be voting between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Republicans will be choosing between Mitt Romney and John McCain.

The race has narrowed from around 20 candidates, to just these four. Those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the choices to be scaled down, now is the time to look at these remaining few candidates and make a choice.

Choose wisely.

As for me, I'm choosing the one with a proven track record of solving tough problems. He has successfully turned around struggling businesses, saved the 2002 Olympics, and put Massachusetts on the right course as Governor. He's the only candidate to have succeeded in both the private and public sectors. He understands the economy better than the others. He's the only candidate who has said he'll get us out of Iraq, but with victory. (Clinton and Barack will pull out immediately in surrender, and McCain will keep us there indefinitely.) He's the candidate with the right views on immigration, taxes and health care. He's a true American that understands the importance of strong family values.

The choice of these four is easy. Mitt Romney.


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