Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wyoming - Can't Get No Respect

It's interesting what states are anointed by the press as "important." I don't know how many times I've heard the talking heads from the press say, "But Romney needs to WIN something!" If I were a Wyomian, I'd be starting to have an identity crisis.

News Flash to the Press: Romney WON Wyoming back on January 5th. Mitt Romney won more delegates by winning Wyoming (8 delegates) than John McCain did by winning New Hampshire (7 delegates).

I fail to see what makes Iowa and New Hampshire so much more qualified to be the barometer of politics and covered by the national media, while Wyoming is completely ignored.


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billlava said...

Thanks for the respect. I happen to be from Wyoming (the official word is Wyomingite, but the MSM would never use it since apparently our state doesn't matter.) Wyoming is a good bellwether for Republican politics. We went for Mitt, and gave him 8 delegates. True blue dyed in the wool conservatives will vote for Mitt too.