Sunday, May 18, 2008

Five Tips for Stalking Me on Twitter

I recently invited some of my close friends to "follow me" on Twitter. If you aren't sure what "Twitter" is, or why you'd want to use it, watch this video, then read on...

I noticed that since my invitation went out, some of you have now joined Twitter and been following me. Here are a few tips for you to get fully in the swing with Twitter:
  1. Watch the video above.

  2. See some examples of how I'm using Twitter on my pages at and MySpace page. You can also see my Twitter updates on my blog here, just over on the right side ---> .

  3. Be sure and upload a photo to your Twitter account. Your messages are much more exciting that way. =)

  4. If you REALLY want to stalk my every step, be sure and enter your cell number and turn on "Device Updates" for me. This will send you a text message every time I blow my nose.

  5. And lastly, be sure and enter what you're doing throughout your day, either via the website or from your cell phone.
As is the case with most "social networking" type sites, the real value comes in your personal network using the system. I hope many of you will try Twitter and see if it helps us stay more "in touch," even when we don't get the chance to see each other or talk regularly.


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