Tuesday, May 13, 2008

VP Predictions - From Tivo to YouTube

Who will John McCain choose for his Vice Presidential running mate? On Sunday, the McLaughlin Group made their predictions. (Click the video below to watch.)

Just as interesting, however, is how I created the above YouTube Video from my Tivo in just minutes.

1. My Tivo recored the McLaughlin Group (season pass).

2. I used Roxio's Toast 9 Titanium to move the program from my Tivo to my Mac, via my home network.

3. I used ScreenFlow to capture it from Tivo format and then saved it as a .mov file.

4. I uploaded the .mov file to YouTube.


PS: If you want to see how well the McLaughlin Group has been in the past with their VP predictions, watch this episode when they made predictions for Bill Clinton's running mate for 1992. Did they guess Al Gore? =)

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