Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G - For those who still don't "get it."

I've been a huge fan of the iPhone from the very beginning, and in my blog told everyone to buy Apple stock. Apple's stock was $85 when I made my first predictions about Apple's stock, and today, just a year later, it's at $185. (This is where you should reach for the Subscribe link to my blog. ;-)

Just like a year ago, when the iPhone first came out, there were those who could only see the glass half empty, bemoaning the handful of things it didn't yet do, those same skeptics can be found today. These people, however, lack the vision to see everything it DOES do, and how revolutionary it is. These skeptics are like those who saw the first PCs from IBM and Apple 25 years ago, and because it wasn't perfect, assumed it would fail. I've never looked at what the iPhone DIDN'T do, I've always looked at what it DID do, and how it did it better than anyone else.

The iPhone isn't just a "phone," it's an entirely new platform. Any tech visionary would get that, and this is why my company, Dating DNA, was the first online dating site with an iPhone web app, and why we've been busy with the iPhone SDK to be the first to have a full-featured dating application in Apple's new iPhone App Store on the day it's launched.

With Apple's next release of their iPhone, the 3G, they have once again DONE a lot of things right. Already there are the skeptics nit picking over the fact it doesn't do everything perfectly yet. (I fully expect another blog from Michael Robertson pointing out everything the 3G doesn't yet do, like he did when the iPhone first came out, and completely missing the future vision of this new platform.) These people let the few areas that have yet to be developed, blind them to the fact that the iPhone is completely changing the mobile market. Even though the iPhone is a small percentage of the cell phone market, it completely dominates all other mobile devices for web traffic (web browsing, ebay, etc.). You don't need to be a genius to figure out that the iPhone has opened mobile computing up to a whole new area of Internet functionality. (Complaining that the iPhone doesn't have a "real" keyboard, is like complaining that your cell phone doesn't have a chord tethered to the wall.)

With the iPhone now having 3G support, enterprise support, GPS, and 3rd party applications, and all at a much lower price ($199), there is no doubt in my mind that the iPhone will continue to revolutionize the mobile market. Just watch how the applications market for the iPhone EXPLODES! 3rd-party developers will bring features and functionality to the iPhone that other mobile devices will only dream about having. Yes, Apple may not have provided every feature for the iPhone, but they HAVE now handed developers the tools to do just that.

Apple is doing so many things right, and not just with the iPhone. If you didn't listen to me the last time I recommended Apple stock, it's not too late.


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