Monday, June 16, 2008

When Linspire Was Fab

When John Jones was here this past week, we got to thinking about the silly videos we did for Linspire over the years. I thought it would be fun to let others see them again, as just a bit of Lindows/Linspire history, when it was still a fun, interesting and growing company. I wrote the words and did some of the graphics, and John did all the vocals and pretty much all of the music.

Click on the video to preview it, or right-click on the download links to download the videos and/or songs by themselves.

Lindows Rock - June 2003

Before the name change to Linspire.

Run Linspire - January 2004

This was my favorite video of the three, a parody on the Door's "Light My Fire."

Linspire Five-0 - March 2005

Was made for the release of Linspire "Five-0."



CaptainTux said...

Those videos bring back some fun memories. I cannot remember ever being that excited about an OS before.

Randy said...

Like captaintux, these brought back a lot of fond memories of a fun and exciting time. (Now if I could just get the songs out of my head.)

Thanks for sharing!

heather said...

Wow, those brought back some memories. I almost missed DLS! Almost... :)

Lawrence said...

Would you know if the "full fidelity mp3 file" of the "Run Linspire" is available anywhere on the net?

That is a very catchy tune and well done and if it's available to download anywhere I'd appreciate it.

Kevin Carmony said...

Yes, I have an original mix. You can email me from my home page at and I can send you a copy.


Gareth said...

good times, as with the captain, i recall how excited i was for "marlin", nearly obsessed with it. I do miss the all the insiders and all the fun we had...

PC said...

I arrived later on.. around version 4.0, but really enjoyed being an Insider, while it lasted.

Paul Cull