Friday, June 13, 2008

Photos: US Open, John Jones, Alex Jackson & Linspire Ex-Employees

This week, I've had the good pleasure of having John Jones as my house guest. John lives in LA but is in town this week for the US Open, which is being held this year at Torrey Pines in La Jolla. We've know each other for years and have worked on several music projects together, so it's always a treat for us both when we get to spend some time together. John is a very colorful guy...a Grammy-winning producer (Celine Dion, Duran Duran, Fleetwood Mac, Alan Frew, etc.), the biggest history buff I know, and loves golf (not just playing it, but its history, courses and traditions).

Here are some photos from this week...

Last night John and I met up with several ex-Linspire employees for a fun get together at Stone Brewery in Escondido. (Thanks for putting this together T!) John took the photo. (Apparently, Linspire only has about eight employees left. My concern remains that Michael Robertson and Larry Kettler are destroying what's left of the company. They have yet to report anything to me or the other 100 shareholders.)

Here are some more photos that Cliff took. The next get-together of ex-Linspirites is a family pool party at my house next month. For those of you who missed the get together last night, hopefully we'll see you then. (Email Theresa if you're not already on her mailing list.)

Wednesday evening, John and I had dinner with Alex Jackson, a photographer and sports history buff from the UK who has covered the last 15 US Opens and has the monumental task of having to photograph every single player (150+) during the four days of the open. A really nice gent.

John prefers to be behind the camera, but we did catch him here...

I put together this quick montage of photos John took on Wednesday (the only day cameras are allowed without a press pass). Click on image to view.



Kevin said...

What a good lookin' group of people!

Sorry I missed it gang - hopefully you'll take pity and invite me to the next one... Cheers, KLR

CaptainTux said...

Any chance of an old Linspire vendor who was fond of some of those people there crashing the party? ;) I mean, if KLR shows....I would seriously fly out to San Diego in a heartbeat. I dig the hotel I was at on Mission beach anyway. The view in the morning was amazing.