Saturday, March 21, 2009

Editorial Cartoons by Steve Sack

Editorial cartoons by Steve Sack...


Anonymous said...

You know, you seem to favor the hateful bigots and the loudmouths is the GOP.

The GOP is more like the Iranian government than anything, a bunch of power usurpers that use wedge issues of the Religious Wrong to divide the country and fuel an energetic and hateful base of racists and homophobes.

This country is not worth defending if we're going to let people like that rule it, we may as well just live in a totalitarian fascist dictatorship because America will have no redeeming quality whatsoever if they get their way.

The Republicans will continue to have to run crazier and crazier candidates as the base gets more distilled right down to the Pat Robertsons and Rush Limbaughs of the world.

They put Michael Steele there cause he's a token black guy, and gay is the new black anyway.

Kevin Carmony said...

I don't know a single Libertarian, myself included, who is happy with the direction Obama is taking our country.

Almighty, this is going to be my last reply to any of your posts. I honestly find your comments to be pretty illiterate. I think you've made enough comments now that any intelligent reader will likely agree. Your complete lack of understanding with regards to politics (particularly the difference between D's, R's and L's) has grown tiresome.


Anonymous said...


What about having a blog post on the current state of CA's economy? That extra 1% sales tax is just going to make me hold on tighter to my wallet or look at Craig's list/garage sales!

Spinfusor said...

I like the report card and back taxes cartoons the most.

I'm fearful of who the GOP will nominate for the 2012 election. If Bobby Jindal is the future of the Republican Party, it has no future.

Hopefully the nominee will focus more on economic conservatism and less on social conservatism.

Kevin Carmony said...

Mitt Romney in 2012!