Monday, March 16, 2009

John Stossel's "Bailouts and Bull" on 20/20

John Stossel gets it.

John Stossel has once again gotten it right. He's one of the only reporters in the mainstream media who will tell you the truth. If you missed his special last night, here it is. You may also want to watch his previous special, which I blogged about and posted here.

You can watch the six different segments below, or you can also watch this episode in its entirety here at ABC.

Everyone in America should watch this and John's previous reports. Pass it around!

Fed. Government's Failed Bailouts

Fed. Government Scares the Middle Class

Fed. Government's Failure to Control Traffic and at Building Roads

Fed. Government Wants to Controll Pre-School

Fed. Government Spends Billions and Fails to Control Border

Fed. Government's Control Over State Rights



Anonymous said...

You know you can say what you want about Democrats, but just an hour ago they passed legislation through the house to take back the undeserved bonuses of the AIG big wigs through a 90% tax.

I thought that was actually kind of funny, you know that if a "President McCain" had became a reality and if Republicans held a majority in the house and senate, then there's not a damned thing they'd even do about it.

I am getting somewhat concerned about Obama though, as head of the Executive Branch, I think he has the authority to not dish out the other half of the George Bush Mad Money, and instead dish it out as a tax cut for real people, or at least spend it on something worthy instead.

If I was him, I'd at least make sure that other $30 billion never falls into AIGs hands.

Kevin Carmony said...

You're about a day behind on your news there Almighty. Yesterday it was the D's and Dodd who admitted THEY had taken out the language that created the loophole that allowed AIG to do this in the first place. This was just their "make up" call because of all the pressure they were getting for messing up to begin with.

You also keep forgetting I'm not a R, I'm a Libertarian. If it were up to me there would be NO bailouts for anyone. Also, McCain was never my choice (although he would have been better than Obama, from what I've seen. He couldn't have been any worse.)


deregtx said...

Just in:Ron Paul questions Bernanke and Geithner

Its sad that Ron Paul isnt president he is the only one who seems to understand the problems.

Kevin Carmony said...

Or Romney.

deregtx said...

No, Romney is part of the problem he wanted to increase spending. And Double the size of Guantanamo. Where Ron Paul wants to reduce goverment get rid of the fed and reduce Militairy because America clearly cant bare the costs anymore.

Kevin Carmony said...

When Romney said he wanted to double Guantanamo, that was a figure of speech. He obviously didn't mean it literally. He was just meaning that OF COURSE you don't close it down and bring potential terrorists on American soil and grant them American rights. I agree. Obama has said he's closing down Guantanamo, but has yet to explain what he plans on doing with the detainees being held there. Typical Obama, long on promises, short on details.

Romney has turned around more failing businesses than anyone I know. He turned around the floundering Winter Olympics in 2002. He helped turn around Massachusetts as governor there. He seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to fixing complex systems. There have been a few books written about him, one of them is even called "Turnaround," since that is his specialty. If anyone was needed now, it's someone who 1) understand capitalism, and 2) knows how to turn things around.

Conceptually I like Ron Paul's Libertarian thinking, but as a politician he was unelectable. I blogged about this when he was running for President, explaining why I, as a big Libertarian, was not supporting Ron Paul. It was entitled Ron Paul--Good Ideals, Bad Ideas:

I wrote that blog early in the election process, and it would appear I was right, he obviously proved to be unelectable as he barely moved the needle compared to all the front runners.

I believe Huckabee (who stayed in and split the conservative vote with Romney) and bigotry towards Mormons is how the R's ended up with McCain, which in turn helped us end up with Obama.

deregtx said...

Well most of the people are Sheep they only listen to the stupid advertising and the the polls..

Fox news even didnt even alow him to participate in the dabate one time.
He was even highter then Thomson(who was alowed in the dabate) in the poll at the time.

Well if America survives Obama i think he has the best chance in 2012. His online support is growing very fast. and i hope his H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act will succeed.

Then might as well make Bernard Madoff Secretary of the Treasury because they are doing the same thing to the people right now.

Americans should listen more to europeans and not to the mind washing advertising.
How europeans would vote:
2000: Gore
2004: Kerry
2008: Ron Paul until the choice was reduced to only Obama/Mcain.

They should have made a deal or something when they knew they clearly would split the vote and lose to Mccain.

And i was suprised when Mcain didnt choose Romney but that Redneck Palin :D

Romney was my second choice after Paul.
And my first choice on the Democrate side(if i had to choose) was: Edwards