Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where Have You Gone, Milton Friedman?


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Jan said...

The article (while it may have some good points) and Friedmans view is based upon the homo oeconomicus, an oversimplistic concept that doesn't hold much of the water today like it was supposed to do in the beginning.

And the author seems to think that the (financial) world will come to an end if the US are going down. 25% of the GDP, but only 2% of the people – well, the same as the EU. Even the CIA thinks that the EU is the stronger economical force.

And, as we know from reading the article, Europe is a socialist state. Well, the author should have read a book about socialism before saying anything about it. But the use of this word from some people for everything that does not exactly meet the specifications of the autistic homo oeconomicus is something Europe has to endure patiently, it seems.

By the way: Milton Friedman lacks one syllable to fit into the song.