Saturday, February 16, 2008

Linspire's - Bye Bye Linux, Hello Microsoft Windows!

When I was CEO for Linspire, I started work on The goal for was to become the central repository for all desktop Linux software for all of the most popular Linux distributions. I wanted to move heavily in this direction, because CNR was the one area where Linspire had a technological and branding advantage, and was also the one area where Linspire could actually make money. I knew most users were going to be running one of the other more popular desktop distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, etc.), so I set about shifting resources away from the Linspire and Freespire distros, and into

A key part of this strategy was our alliance with Canonical (Ubuntu). This was important for both our distribution and OEM businesses (shifting away from Linspire/Freespire to Ubuntu) as well as for our upcoming business. I knew we'd need a close associations with Ubuntu for to be successful.

Unfortunately, since leaving Linspire, it appears the Ubuntu relationship is on the rocks. As a Ubuntu user myself, I'm not surprised. I think the smart thing for Ubuntu would be to simply utilize their own systems, rather than point users to, which is what it appears their plan is. I know since I switched to Ubuntu, I haven't even bothered trying The built-in software management system Ubuntu has is a better experience, and all they need to do is add a commercial piece (easy enough for them to do), and they'd have little use for (Ubuntu has hired a couple of ex Linspire employees who could certainly help in this regard as well.)

As you can see from Alexa, Ubuntu has completely dwarfed Linspire in the Linux business.

It would appear Linspire has figured this out as well and sees the writing on the wall, and that without Ubuntu, will fail.

I say this because, I noticed when you now visit Linspire's site while running Windows, instead of finding thousands of Linux software programs, you will now find a bunch of AJAX applications. This is a typical Michael Robertson move. He's figured out he's lost the Linux game, and my guess is he'll try to salvage what Linspire has built by turning into a directory for AJAX applications, perhaps in an attempt to prop up his AJAX business. I predict by year end, the Linux applications are gone all together.

So much for being "The easiest place to get Linux software." It's a shame Linspire was unable to keep a good relationship with Ubuntu. It clearly made the difference between success and failure for


Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm Proud to Have Supported Mitt Romney

As many of you will know by now, Mitt Romney withdrew from the Republican race, in a classy, gracious speech before CPAC today. As usual, he showed his greatness, even when accepting defeat. (I just don't know how anyone could have watched his and McCain's speeches and NOT seen the huge difference.)

So, now what?


It will be interesting to see what Huckabee does now. He's in a bit of a bind, because he has said he'd fight to the convention, but now that Romney is out, what will he do? The blatantly obvious reason Huckabee remained in was to grope for a VP nod from McCain. Now, with Romney out, he'll only hurt both McCain and the party, with no chance of winning. If he withdraws, then it was clear he was in McCain's pocket all along. If he stays in, he hurts McCain (bye bye VP nod), hurts the party (bye bye Republicans giving him a shot next time), and embarrasses himself (something he's pretty good at =).


What will happen with McCain? Will the conservative wing of the Republican party embrace him? He has some real problems here. I think Obama is going to get the nomination from the Democrats, so McCain may not be able to count on the "Hillary will unite the party" strategy. For me, the only thing McCain could do to get my vote would be to pick Romney for his VP. I believe that would in fact unite the party. Problem is, McCain is a proud (and often liberal) man, and will likely pick a fellow moderate (he owes many of them favors), such as Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida (he owes him BIG TIME and could help him win FL).


It's been a wild ride, but I couldn't be more proud of whom I chose to back. I stood up and supported Romney when he was in single digits, and yet, he made it all the way to the final four. He remains, in my mind, the best choice to have helped our country, but like Reagan, he may have to wait four years.

He ran an impressive campaign, and left with class, choosing to do what was best for the party. I believe all of this will be remembered four years from now.

I predict Obama will go on to win the Presidency, screw everything up (especially the war and economy), and Romney will be back in four years to clean up the mess. It's what he does, he fixes things.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Romney Still Leading in Votes, Wins and Money Raised Going Into Super Tuesday

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As we get ready for "Super Tuesday," I remain amazed at how the mainstream media likes to discount Mitt Romney and seems anxious to crown John McCain.

For example, did you know...
  • Mitt Romney won Maine yesterday with 52% of the vote?
  • Mitt Romney has received the most total votes nationally in the Republican race?
  • Mitt Romney has won the most states in the Republican race (4 of the 8, and coming in second in 3 of the others)?
  • Mitt Romney is only 5 delegates behind John McCain?
  • Mitt Romney has RAISED far and away the most money from Republican candidates?
  • Mitt Romney is the ONLY Republican candidate to win over 50% of the vote in a state, and he's done it THREE times! (Maine, Nevada, and Wyoming)
Mitt Romney is the one republican candidate that has strong support in all 50 states.

I'd encourage you to read the last month or two of my blogs before casting your vote tomorrow. If you're a true Republican, you only have one choice, Mitt Romney.

See many of you tomorrow at the polls!