Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Have An Idea - TWO Competing Tax/Benefit Systems

Here's my idea...

We have TWO tax codes and TWO government benefit "packages." One would be set by the Democrats and on by the Republicans. Democrats can collect all the taxes they want from fellow Democrats, and Republicans from Republicans. Each party then has their own set of "perks."

For example, if you want "free," government-run health care, you can pay taxes to the Democrats and get that perk from them. If you would rather pay less in taxes and be responsible for your own health care insurance, then you could choose Republican. You get the idea.

Competition would then keep both parties on their toes. Everyone could decide which party gives you the most bang for your buck. High taxes and big perks? Or lower taxes and lower perks?

Of course, some functions would need to be agreed on and provided together from both parties (highways, national defense, etc.), but we'd have competition for all those fun little perks that politicians like to promise us (free health care, college education, welfare, etc.).

Of course, this plan would never work, at least not for the Democrats. Why? Because they need all those Republican entrepreneurs and business people to pay big taxes to pay for all their programs.

Obama's program is a simple three step plan:

1. Tax 5% of the population.
2. Give lots of perks to the other 95%.
3. Take all the credit, pat yourself on the back, and think YOU actually produced and accomplished something of worth.

No thanks.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden Doesn't Want to be Vice President

I'm glad Joe Biden will do us all a favor by suffering through being Vice President when he doesn't want to be.

Fib? Gaff? Confused?

Just a few days ago (jump to the middle of this clip)...


Friday, August 22, 2008

Xandros + Linspire + Freespire + CNR = Zzzzzzzzz

It's been nearly two months since Michael Robertson sold off Linspire's assets to Xandros in a secret back-room deal, and the 100 some-odd shareholders still remain in the dark about this transaction. But, what about Xandros? What has Xandros done with Linspire, Freespire and since this acquisition? At the time, I predicted this acquisition was just a front for the hidden motives of Michael Robertson and Xandros, and that it would in no way benefit Linspire, Freespire or users.

So, what has happened since?

I haven't seen any change on the Linspire site since a Q&A with the Xandros CEO from back on July 7th. I also don't see any news on the Freespire site, and it's been over a year since Freespire 2.0 was released and nearly a year from the release date of Linspire 6.0. Even the Xandros website doesn't have anything new to report, other than the same FAQ from early July.

What I have noticed, however, is that Linspire, Freespire and all continue to shrink.

Xandros did make this bad move. An attempt, I suppose, by Andy Typaldos to try and show some solidarity from Ubuntu. Has Andy even tried Ubuntu? Is he paying attention to the work they're doing?

I'd be curious to hear from any Linspire, Freespire or users (what few of you remain) if I've missed something? Or is it looking like I was right in my prediction?


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Michael Robertson--Where's the Linspire Cash? (Part II)

Back on July 2nd, I asked Michael Robertson to explain to the 100 some-odd Linspire shareholders what happened with the millions in cash and assets that Linspire had just a year ago?

Today I received the below "Memorandum" in the mail from Michael Robertson, "President & CEO" (and sole board member) for Linspire. (Click image to enlarge.)

It should be pointed out that "The stockholders voted..." and "...the stockholders approved a plan..." really means "Michael Robertson voted..." and "Michael Robertson approved a plan..." since the minority shareholders were not asked to give input. This is the third time, that I'm aware of, that Michael has done things by written consent, without any shareholder meeting or input. The first time was when he fired everyone from the board of directors other than himself, the second time was when he sold Linspire to Xandros, and now this time when he said he'll be dissolving Digital Cornerstone, Inc. Those are all pretty significant events to do on your own, without other board members or shareholder meetings.

According to this latest memorandum, Michael has a plan to "distribute [Linspire's] assets." I wonder what the minority shareholders will be getting? Considering I offered to purchase shares in the company at $.50 per share just one year ago, let's see how good a job Michael Robertson did in running Linspire this past year. Will the minority shareholders see more than $.50 per share? The same? Less?

Also, about a year ago, I presented a plan to Michael to have the company offer to buy back stock from shareholders at $.50 per share. Michael turned down that plan, saying that the company needed to keep all its cash to run the business. He obviously felt by keeping all the cash in the company and running the business himself, that he could make the shares worth more than $.50 per share. So, let's see how Michael performed for the shareholders. Did he turn water into wine, or into toxic waste? (From my vantage point, this is what it appears he's done this past year.)

Lastly, I'm curious how Digital Cornerstone, Inc. could be dissolved when they have ongoing litigation? Just one example is I know they are being sued by a former employee because Linspire did not honor his employment agreement.

I stand by my assessment, that the Xandros deal was all just a big ruse by Robertson to take all the assets and cash for himself, leaving the minority shareholders with nothing. I believe that dissolving Digital Cornerstone, Inc. is simply the next step in his "I-hope-everyone-forgets-about-all-of-this" plan.

Prove me wrong Michael. Anything north of $.50 per share distributed to the minority shareholders and I'll happily eat my words. Anything less than that, however, then in my mind you're either a lousy businessman (who made a bad judgment in not doing the stock buy-back plan), a thief (who took unauthorized funds for yourself, father-in-law, and/or your other businesses when YOU SAID all funds needed to remain in the company for Linspire to succeed), or you simply never intended to "take care of your peeps" all along (and just wanted to see everything go to you).

Stay tuned. I'll be sure and report back what's left for the 100 some-odd minority shareholders.