Sunday, November 6, 2011

What I've been up to the past few years

Some of you may be wondering what I've been up to the past couple of years. I'm proud to say that my company, Dating DNA, has become one of the top developers for Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. We currently have around 40 apps in Apple's App Store, including many in the Top 40 of their respective charts, such as 3D Animations, CLIPish Pro Suite and Dating DNA.

Click here for a sampling of our more popular apps.

One of the top developers for Apple's App Store.

We have a small, but super talented team, with some of the brightest developers in this space. We're fortunate to have become so successful in this exciting space. Mobile app development is where thing are really happening, and I'm excited to be at the center of it. This is some of the most rewarding work I've ever been involved with. You're only limited by your imagination, and we have more ideas than hours in the day. Let's just say it keeps us all VERY busy, but with smiles on our faces.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

My First Annual X-Factor Predictions - Season 1 - 2011

As some of you know, each year I would make my predictions for who I thought would win American Idol and in what order I thought the contestants would be voted off. I also invited others to post their predictions in the comments or email them to me. We would then score our predictions each week as contestants were voted off. (Here were the predictions and score results for the AI predictions for the last four seasons: 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008)

I've decided to do the same for the X Factor. Not sure how many of you who have participated in the AI predictions are also following the X Factor, so I may be the only one, but at least I'll be on record with my predictions here.

As I normally do with AI, I'm setting my predictions after the first performance night of the Top 12, which was last night.

Here are my predictions for this first season of the X Factor. As always, I'm not saying these are my PERSONAL favorites, but just how I think America will end up voting. (Although my top two predictions also happen to be my two favorites.) If you haven't been following X Factor, you can still hear how each of these artists sounds by clicking their photos below and sample 90 seconds of their songs from iTunes.

My predictions are:


Click arrow button to sample their performances.
#1 is my predicted winner, and #12 my
prediction as first to be voted off.

As with the American Idol seasons, email me with YOUR predictions or post them as a comment to this thread, and we'll use the same point system used in previous years with AI to see who is winning at the end of each week and how we all did by the end of the season. Don't worry if you miss sending me your predictions before they start voting people off this week, as the point system takes into account when you jumped in with your predictions with a penalty for jumping in late. (You can see the details of how the scoring works below.)

To make it easy to email or post your predictions, here are the contestant's names in text form, so you can easily cut, paste and move them around in the order you predict.

Melanie Amaro
LeRoy Bell
Marcus Cante
Rachel Crow
Stacey Francis
Stereo Hogzz
Josh Krajcik
Lakoda Rayne
Chris Rene

Let's see who has the golden ears and can spot what America likes.


SCORING POINT SYSTEM: Every week, you get 1 point for every number off you were for where someone would be voted off. For example, if you predict Astro will make it to #2, but he gets voted off #4, then you get 2 points. If you guess it smack on, you get no points. Like Golf, the LOWEST SCORE WINS.

BONUS POINTS: Top Three Bonus: You get to deduct 1 bonus point for each of the top three contestants you correctly guessed. Top Two Bonus: You get to deduct 3 bonus points if you guessed the Top 2 correctly. Winner Bonus: You get to deduct 5 bonus points if you predict the winner. (This can matter, so think hard on your top 3!)

PENALTY POINTS FOR LATE ENTRANTS: All predictions must be in BEFORE the performances this Thursday night (November 3rd). If you're predictions come in after that time, you are penalized 4 points OR the maximum points anyone else was off for the first round (when they vote off #12), whichever is higher. If you miss the first two rounds, you are penalized 8 points OR the maximum points anyone else was off for the second round (when they vote off #11), whichever is higher. No more entries after the first two rounds and we are down to 10 contestants.