Friday, November 12, 2010

Court Orders Michael Robertson to Pay Former Employee $300,000+

Robertson's attacks continue to backfire. Court orders
him to pay over $300,000 to a former Linspire employee.

For those of you following the case of Michael Robertson's insane attacks on former Linspire employees, you will be interested in the latest development from the court today...

One of the former Linspire employees that Robertson attacked was the Controller. This employee (along with several others) was vindicated of all counts in September. Because the Controller had a contract dispute with Robertson, attorney fees are usually awarded, but of course Robertson fought paying. Today, the court awarded the Controller and his lawyer $215,000 in legal fees and $22,958 in prejudgement interest. The Judge also affirmed the jury's damages judgement of $72,500, to be paid by Robertson (Linspire) to the Controller. This means that Robertson will have to pay over $300,000 to just this one employee for his failed attempts in attacking him in the courts. You can read the ruling here. (This is the tentative ruling which was affirmed in court today by Judge Taylor.)

Three of the other employees who were also fully vindicated in the ruling in September, decided not to go after Robertson for their attorney fees, just wanting to move on with their lives. This means Robertson's false allegations and attacks have left them saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills. All of this makes one wonder why anyone would want to work for Robertson?

I'm glad the Controller decided to go after Robertson for his baseless attacks and that the court system once again worked. As best as I can estimate, between the damages awarded against Robertson and his own legal bills, he will have wasted well over a half million dollars on his vendetta against these employees. (In an upcoming court motion, we may even learn exactly how much money Robertson has wasted on his lawyers.) What a waste of time, money and energy, but then, I've never know Robertson to be sane and rational in his thinking when it comes to his bruised ego. He spends all this money only to shine a spotlight on what kind of person he really is. Brilliant!

Congrats to the Controller and his lawyer, Greg Goonan (who the judge even referred to as "formidable" in his ruling) on seeing that justice continues to be served against the bully Robertson. It's been over three years since the Controller lost his job at Linspire and Robertson denied him his rightful severance. Today, he finally got justice, well, that's assuming Robertson actually PAYS the court-ordered damages. If he doesn't, of course, I'll let you all know.