Saturday, December 13, 2008

Emily Richards Photo-Montage Video

"Time's not a friend to the days we hold on to."
~ Emily Richards

Kevin and Emily at lunch recently.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I use to live in Los Angeles where I had an artist management company. Yesterday, Emily Richards, one of the artists I managed (and Indie Superstar =), called to see what high res photos I had that she could use for an upcoming project. I have hundreds of photos of her on tour, performing, etc., so I started going through these looking for something that might work for what she needed.

While sifting through these photos, it really took me for a trip down memory lane. Wow, we really had so many good times (and bad =), and made so many good friends. Flooded with all these memories, I was inspired to put together this short photo-montage video of some of the pictures that had special meaning to me. I put the photos to the music of a very rare Emily Richards song. It was recorded as a quick demo in one take at my home in LA and we used it as a special "hidden track" on Emily's "out-take" CD called "Sounds in the Basement." In fact, the title for the CD came from the lyrics of this song. The CD is no longer available commercially, so even the most die-hard Emily Richards fans have likely never heard this song, even though it has always been a favorite of mine. Emily wrote the song years ago, long before I had even met her. I think you'll see, however, that it's amazing how a song written in one part of her life, fit so nicely with a completely different period of her life. (Emily really should re-record this song properly one day. I'm sure she'll cringe hearing the rough vocals, but it's still a beautiful song.)

HIGH Resolution LOW Resolution

Putting this video together had extra special meaning to me, since Emily and I were unable to communicate for the past year due to circumstances, and have recently been able to reconnect, and we can start working together again. (By the way, if you're in the Los Angeles area, be sure and come by Life on Wishire this coming Monday night at 9:30 PM to see Emily perform a few songs. I'll be there as well with many of our friends, celebrating John Jones birthday.)

For those of you not familiar with Emily's music, you can find her on iTunes, etc. I'd recommend her Valhalla CD to start you out, but they're all fantastic.

I hope you enjoy watching and listening to this video as much as I did putting it together.



Anonymous said...

Ok.... that montage brought tears to my eyes! I'm so glad to see that the two of you reconnected.

I've been told, adversity does teach who your real friends are. :)


Emily Richards said...

Dear Kevin,

Jason and I just watched this beautiful video you created. What a journey we have shared - imagined dreams becoming realized and hearts broken wide open. By swinging between these two extremes, that seem invariably tied, I've learned celebration and contraries are essential to the deepening of the human Soul. Thank God for art, the Soul's reflection!

I noticed your alignment of photo to lyric, particularly the section of Annie's pictures. Tears of humility and gratitude flowed. I am thankful for all of it - the pain, the joy, the friendships, the music, the fabric of my life's tapestry.

Thank you for being such a vibrant part of my life's history. I honor your generosity and the healing powers of regeneration at work. May this next chapter, for all of the unique characters in our lives, be one of renewal.

Always & Forever,


Emily Richards said...

Yo can find a sneak stream of our set tonight HERE -- username:guest password:guest

Ron Huggins said...


Thanks for your blogging on Michael Robertson's handling of Linspire. I always enjoyed the Linspire Letter I received while you were CEO. This post brought tears to my eyes as you described Robertson's tarnishing of good employee's names.

It serves as a warning for how I manage the company I'm starting up. Keep speaking freely, sir!