Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Michael Robertson Loses in the Court of Public Opinion

I found an interesting website a few months back called On The Jury ( The site basically lets Internet users read about a "case" and vote Guilty or Not Guilty. I thought it would be fun to try it out, so I made a post about how Michael Robertson filed police reports against several Linspire employees calling them all embezzlers. I wanted to see how hundreds of Internet users would "rule" on this matter.

I posted the case in November of last year, and as of today, 204 people had voted in the case. The results were pretty interesting (although, not at all surprising to me). Hardly anyone agreed with Roberton's claims.

Click on the below image to enlarge, read Robertson's case against me, and then see the "verdict."

98% of Internet Users found me "Not Guilty."

Only 2% of the public jury agreed with Michael Robertson, who accused employees of "embezzlement" because they received severance payments from the me, the CEO, when they were laid off.

Of course, Robertson lost in a "real" court over this issue as well. Click here to read how Judge Meyer ruled against Robertson, not even letting his bogus allegations get past summary judgment.

If you ever decide to go to work for Michael Robertson, make sure you have a good lawyer, you could very well need one. The fact that he could try to have some of his very best employees arrested for having received severance tells you just how greedy he is.



Anonymous said...

Nice to see Internet users have some common sense. :)

Jho said...

Robertson is insane. Seriously, insane.

PGTips91 said...

Kevin, It is sad to see you still embroiled in difficulties so long after you resigned from Linspire Inc.

Having followed your blogg almost from the start I totally sympathise with you.

It is incredible that things cannot be brought to an equitable end even at this late date.

I hope that eventually your persistence will pay off and that you and the other minority shareholders get some compensation for your shares which MR has attempted to embezzle from you all.


Kevin Carmony said...

No, as recently as today I heard of more harassment from Robertson and his attorneys with one of the ex Linspire employees.

Considering it's been nearly a year since Robertson sold Linspire and he hasn't shared any details with the shareholders, I think it's pretty obvious he has no regard for the other shareholders and investors.

I have to agree with Jho, I think Robertson has lost his mind.


Anonymous said...

No surprise he lost. Isn't that what losers like Robertson do?