Saturday, November 21, 2009

117 of My Favorite Albums Growing Up

I just got back from seeing the movie Pirate Radio. I really liked it (8 out of 10 stars for me), particularly the music. It was great listening to all that music I grew up to, and the movie reminded me just how much I miss "albums," something we seemed to have lost with the digital music revolution. Watching this movie inspired me to put the below collage together of 117 albums that most influenced me growing up. I'm sure I missed some, but this gives you an idea of what shaped my musical tastes. Other than grouping the same band/artist together, these are in no particular order. (Click to enlarge.)

117 of My Favorite Albums Growing Up
(In no particular order) - Click to Enlarge.

How many of these do you know? Did any have an impact on you? What great albums did I miss? What were some of your most influential records growing up?



Jason Brock said...

I didn't know you liked to get the Led out Kev! I saw Ziggy Stardust down in there too...sweet! It's one of my favorites.

And Alice Copper? Never would of thought.

After looking at these covers, I'm inspired to pull out the old vinyl and spin a few!


Kevin Carmony said...

Yes, I had a very large record collection and have thousands of CDs. I miss "albums.". As much as I love my iPod (iPhone) and having thousands of tracks available with the touch of a button, it just doesn't have the same magic as I found as a kid, flipping though my boxes of albums, sliding one out, deciding if I wanted to hear side A or B, plugging in my headphones, and laying on the floor next to my stereo and getting lost and absorbed in the music. I wonder if there is some way to bring that magical feeling back in this age of digital music. Maybe I just should feel lucky that I got to experience it "the old way," something my kids never will. :-(


Flying Junior said...

I kid you not brother. I clicked on your image of 117 album covers and my computer brought up "Windows picture and fax viewer." I can now scroll between your graphic and about 200 images my computer has stored from various cookies over the last few weeks. Pictures I've seen or not seen, but I know what websites they came from. Photos from blogs, advertisements, cualquiera. I love it when that happens. Wow man.


h/t to Fragile, Trilogy, Who's Next, Tommy, Abbey Road, Deja Vu