Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Fall Tivo Schedule

The new TV series are starting up. Thought I'd share what's on my Tivo. Am I missing anything good?

All the Sunday news programs, nightly news and political talk shows, all the news magazines, etc.

Prison Break (Mon - 8PM - 9/1)
Heros (Mon - 9PM - 9/22)
24 (Mon - 9PM - 11/23)
Boston Legal (Mon - 10PM - 9/22)
Penn & Teller: Bullsh**t (Mon - 10PM - 8/21)

House (Tue - 9PM - 9/16)
The Shield (Tue - 10PM - 9/9)
Fringe (New - Tue - 9PM - 9/9)
Damages (Tue - 10PM - 1/6/09)

Dirty Sexy Money (Wed - 10PM - 10/1)

Ugly Betty (Thur - 8PM - 9/25)
Survivor (Thur - 9/25)
Lost (Thur - 10PM - 1/1/09)

Amazing Race (Sun - 8 PM - 9/28)
(Sun - 10PM - 9/7)

Let me know if you have any recommendations.



klarue said...

Watched "True Blood" last night (new HBO 12-episode series). Thought I'd give it a couple of episodes to see if it catches on for me. Review of the first episode: Interesting premise that could grow on me; needs sharper dialog, but that may be a result of the location (Louisiana). Ha! No offense intended to any Southern readers. ;-)

Warning: Pretty risque stuff.

Anonymous said...

Try "Psych". It airs Fridays at 10:00 pm on the USA network. 'Bout a private detective with 'hyper-observant' abilities, who acts like he is "psychic" with hilarious results. If you've watched the "West Wing" you'll see Dulle Hill in funny mode.

Kevin Carmony said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Keep 'em coming.


Anonymous said...

I am anxiously awaiting the final 10 episodes of the greatest Sci-Fi show in history - Battlestar Galactica. The shows will air in 2009: will be sad to see the show go off the air. I've also heard that James Olmos is filming a special 2-hour show in Vancouver on Battlestar to air when the last show has completed.

I certainly hope a movie or two is in the works - along the lines of Star Trek.

Kevin Carmony said...

I actually purchased the first season of Battlestar Galactica form iTunes and have the first few episodes on my iPhone. I've never seen it, but hear many good things about it, so I'm using that series to watch when I travel on my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Sons of Anarchy is good on FX... I don't get the channel but might think about renting the show if it is on netflix. Have you heard any good things about it??

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are addicted to "Mad Men" on AMC, a very subtle dark comedy/drama about a Madison Avenue advertising agency in the early '60s.

It's really interesting to see how things were different then - women in the office treated like playthings, everyone smoked, no seat beats, execs celebrating *everything* with a drink from the well-stocked wet bar, the deeply closeted gays, etc. There's eye candy for everyone - Jonathan Hamm for the ladies, and January Jones for the men.

It may only appeal to a certain age group though, since you kinda have to know a bit about that time to 'get' a lot of the cultural references.

Kevin Carmony said...


Interestingly, Mad Men was the other series I purchased for my iPhone. I watched the first few episodes on a plane and enjoyed it, but it was a little slow so I never continued with the rest of the series. I have heard from others, however, that I should stick with it and will become hooked.

I did really like Jon Hamm and thought he was a great actor, perfect for the part. In fact, I'm just about finished reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and for some reason, when I picture Howard Roark (the lead character in The Fountainhead), I picture Jon Hamm. I know Jon Hamm doesn't have red hair like Roark is suppose to have, but just his personality so reminds me of his character in Mad Men. If they ever remake a movie of The Fountainhead, they really should get Jon Hamm to play Howard Roark.

I plan on finishing the series on an upcoming long flight. =)