Friday, November 14, 2008

My High Scores on Fieldrunners Game for the iPhone


My new high score is now 686,525 (Level: High, Rounds: 100). Screenshots below.

Original Post:

OK, I admit it, this is the one iPhone game I've become rather addicted to.

Here is the end game of my highest score to date (85 Rounds, 432,250 points, Medium Level). I took this snap shot just seconds before losing my last life, thanks to a flood of those blasted helicopters!

You'll notice I leave an alleyway along the top. This way, when the enemy is about to the end of my route, but they are still kickin', I can "unlock" my field by releasing the sole man in the upper left-hand corner, then locking the end of the route, forcing the enemy to head back in the opposite direction and taking an additional beating. (I guess there is even a term for this, "juggling.") It's just those dang helicopters that can fly overhead that I need to beef up more for!

Here are my high scores (all on the Medium Level, other than score #8 was on Easy):

Any other Fieldrunners addicts? Share your score.

Some great scores (and pointers) to be found here.



The Hos said...

It's all about the juggle.

My best is 847k

Anonymous said...

Let's see..

I got the following high scores:

Grasslands (1.1) - 728925 (expert, round 100)
CrossRoads (1.1) - 460350 (expert, round 100)
Drylands (1.2/extended) - 820500 (expert, round 99)

I gave give SS's if you need them.

Proyecto PyMEs said...

Grasslands 1485250 easy round 500
crossroads 448975 easy roun 179
drylands 538325 easy round 190

Keep working!! (for pic if you want)

beyerch said...

Grasslands - 790095 Lvl 100
Crossroads - 775395 Lvl 100
Drylands - 541800 Lvl 75 (plan on improving lol..)