Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two Nights, Two Great Concerts - Coldplay & Australian Pink Floyd Show

I saw two great concerts the last two nights.

On Monday I saw the Australian Pink Floyd Show here in San Diego at the Copley Symphony Hall. I was blown away! They played pretty much the entire Wall double album (one of my all time favorite records) from start to finish and then bits of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Where Here, etc. for their encore. I didn't know anything about these guys until a few days before the show. Pink Floyd is one of the few bands that I have always wished I had been able to see, but haven't yet, so I figured a tribute band was the next best thing. It was unbelievable! The venue was great and the sound fantastic. I went with ex Linspire patriot Kevin LaRue (and fellow progressive rock fan) and we had a great time on the 5th row. They tour all the time, so if they are coming to your town, GO!

Then last night I saw Coldplay in Orange Country at the Honda Center (the "pond"). This is my third time seeing Coldplay. Last time I saw them in 2005 we were on the front row, and this time on the second. As always, the band was fantastic. I wasn't thrilled with the sound of the Honda Center, however, as it had this very annoying echo, and you'd heard every sound slapping back at you a split second later. It made it nearly impossible to even understand what Chris Martin was saying when he'd talk into the mic. Also, I tend to have the worst luck with sitting by annoying fans. Last night it was the two women sitting right behind us who wouldn't be quiet all evening and spilled their drink on me! Literally, dumped the entire cup down my back. Fans need to learn to not get so drunk that they ruin the show for everyone around them.

Two great nights. Below are photos and video I shot from the shows.

This is a short excerpt of video I shot of some of the night with Coldplay. The best, up-close footage is in the last half of the video.

Some photos I took from the Coldplay show (click to enlarge)...

Some photos I took from the Australian Pink Floyd Show (click to enlarge)...

I didn't shoot the below video, but it gives you an idea how fantastic these guys are. Comfortably Numb was a real mind blower!

Here is some great audio of their show just a few weeks before ours.


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klarue said...

The Aussie Pink Floyd show *was* amazing and even breath-taking in parts. I'm specifically thinking of the notable performance of the solo vocalist in "The Great in the Sky." Here's a link to a Floyd video on YouTube (not the Aussies, but they were every bit as good):

Great Gig in the Sky

Solo starts at 1:10. Don't miss these guys next time they come to SoCal. Cheers & thanks again KC!